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KP2640 Fishing Rod Surf Colmic Mezcal 420 250g Reel Hummer 8000 thread

Item Code: KP2640

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Product Details

SUPER PROMO COMBO SURF TOP QUALITY CANVAS SURFCASTING COLMIC MEZCAL A very powerful cane particularly suitable for fishing on long distances, also using launch techniques such as ground cast. This cane can also be used for live-fishing or big-cut tranches. Made of high modulus carbon and mounted with rings Sea Guide High Carbon Module with ultra light Aerospace Fiber Super Sliding Handle Touch long cast Overall Length 420 cm Action 100-250 Gr Weight 680 gr Pedestrian Diameter 29.80 mm 3 Sections with Spigot Plug + HUMMER 8000 XSC Big Pit Surf With its full anti-corrosion treatment and shielded bearings,
has great credentials over life at sea, its true vocation. Many of the advanced features that make Hummer a real war machine from the perfect volumetric ratio that contrasts the compact body to a generous
bobbin, designed to handle the chain with a wide diameter, conical profile and Thin upper edge increases casting considerably. Thanks to the worm, the bobbin is really perfect with slow oscillation. the best prerequisite for a fast and clean cracking, in other words a perfect launch, is just as regular. The crank is shaped to approach its center of gravity to that of the reel, limiting the oscillations during the recovery. With all these features, the price of the Hummer 8000 will surprise you even more! Category 8000 Endless Antirust 7 + 1 Ball Bearings Shielded Fast Clutch Rotor Balanced 1Second Reel Base in Graphite Capacity "Thread: 0.25 180 meters 0, 30 145 Meters Recovery Ratio 4.1: 1 Second Reel Capacity: 0.30 520 Meters +
MONOFILO EVO ULTRACAST Hi-VIZ 300 M MonofilamentSpecific for Surf Casting Japan Technology The "silicon coat" extra treatment increases the smoothness during the launch guarantees a 10% more casting with greater smoothness on the rings so as to undo the mechanical memory effect; Ultracast is a very soft last-generation monofilament generated with an exclusive polymer that guarantees node resistance outside the common, and thanks to the treatment it has a super abrasion resistance. The choice of fluorescent orange color is not random, but it was made for obvious reasons of infinite visibility Its color allows you to easily locate the wire at night and to jump to follow the track more easily. Ultracast is available in various diameters and in two sizes 300 and 600 meters to meet all the needs of modern fishermen. This monofilament has been produced in Japan with the best current technologies 300m coil Diameter 0.21mm Breaking load 4.80 Kg


KP2640 Fishing Rod Surf Colmic Mezcal 420 250g Reel Hummer 8000 thread

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