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The excitement of Mangianze

Spinning: The thrill of Mangianze

Emotions that can give me spinning on Mangianze

Assuming you are not a so-called "Sea Wolf", as my discipline brings me to fish in fresh water, I wanted to tell you about some wonderful experience lived in recent times with regard to the speech sea, or fishing in saltwater spinning even better specifically spinning on mangianze.
Spinning on mangianze is a basic technique very intuitive because we will use as the first sense view, observing everything around us, being careful in steal signals such as seagulls or other birds that feed on fish, stamped surface, obstacles and buoys floating and everything that can be a shelter for predators that insidiamo.
In the waters of central Italy, the most common prey they are usually mackerel, sugherelli, dorado, bonito, skipjack and small alletterati.
During the year, especially during milder, invited by friends and clients, I've been practicing this type of fishing with some nice trophy brought to the landing net.
Under the guidance of experts, snatched in the various events organized in the store, especially so thank Vincenzo Muscle and Marco Tortora for the latter, use as mainline reel in a braided Molix Off Shore 12 lb, really great in terms of grip and glide in the launch, able to reach even with metal jig from 20/30 gr distances really important.
To braid as a terminal node to connect through a bright a piece of 70/80 cm Molix Fluorine Coated 12 lb, matching all of a carabiner Molix Hyper Snap measure 1.5 / 2.
Lures with whom I had the most results and which will never be lacking in my mailbox baits are undoubtedly the Jugulo Casting 20/30 gr model Sinking Fast and SB80 Stick Bait respectively in natural colors. Just spot the mangianza, get as quickly and quietly close, throwing the bait inside of food, jerkando brightly without recovering too fast and the bite is not long in coming.
Needless to say, the battle with this light equipment will guarantee hallucinatory emotions, and this is the result!
Greetings to all our friends and customers.
Pescaplanet Staff
Campersun Nuovo