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Tuna Fishing Rod Popping Nomura Special SW 150

Tuna Fishing Rod Popping Nomura Special SW 150



This time the team of the Japanese Nomura has really worked overtime to produce perfection.

Giant trevally is the Latin name of the target of this rod,

NOMURA did not hesitate to test these rods with the GT of more than 50 kg.

With a length of 7'10 "is a measure for optimal launch a popper 150 grams of weight, pushing the barrel to the limit to get to the right place for the strike.

The barrel has a twist-off Spin, the guides are strictly Fuji K, because when you are fishing with this rod using a braided line is a must.

Fishing for tuna and large pelagic fish requires all barrels with powerful actions, but can cast lures big or small with the same effectiveness.

This series, drums and components suitable to be used in all of the techniques normally used in spinning and jigging direct to large predators in salt water.

With strong Fuji guides, for the use of braided.

Bottom cap with cruise belt.


Total length 240 Mt

2 Sections

Body Carbon T-30 carbon

Ringing Fuji

Action 50/70 Lbs

150 Grams

Overall height 180 CM

Weight 354 Grams

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