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Reed boat Bolentino Trabucco Seatalisman 400 Cm

Reed boat Bolentino Trabucco Seatalisman 400 Cm

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Canna Bolentino Trabucco SeaTalisman Tekno Boat 400


Reed that plays perfectly the ambivalence bolentino-drifting.

Thanks to mediorigida, is excellent for fishing times to catch fish of the '' noble drifting '' as snappers and groupers, at stages immediately following the strike, they need a tool that can force the fish to earn fast surface and put so safe terminals from sharp rocks of the seabed.

The Sea Talisman has been designed for a bolentino medium and for a drifting with wire diameters more important than those that are generally employed in this fishing technique in current.

A reed dall'elevatopregio

Technical enclosing a technology which aims to create security and power management and recovery to the fisherman who wields it.

The Ringing consists of a first ring double-deck bridge with subsequent choice of the individual for the remaining rings mounted in succession ... all with strictly through SiC!

The two peaks supplied with differentiated action, complete a picture of perfection designed to meet the fisherman more technical and prepared.






4 meters total length

Sections 5 + 2 plug

Overall height 130 cm

Action 50 - 150 Grams

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