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Rod Boat Master 1,80 m 150 Gr Bolentino + Reel 5000

Rod Boat Master 1,80 m 150 Gr Bolentino + Reel 5000

KP3602 - Canna Boat Master 1,80 m 150 Gr Bolentino + Mulinello 5000
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Canna Boat Master 1,80 m 150 Gr Bolentino


CANE BOAT MASTER 1.80 m 150 Gr

Sensitivity and excellent management of the prey:

in short, the characteristics of this perfect instrument are summarized

for medium-light bottom fishing

and for all peaches with artificial medium and light:

Squid and small Jigs, therefore also excellent for a light jig,

also using medium and thin diameter wires

to handle fights in total sensitivity.

A maximum power of 150 grams (ideal 100 grams max)

on a 1.80 meter long barrel,

developed in two graft sections.

The frame is structured Tubolar Concept

which makes the rod a safe and perfect ally in any fishing situation.

The rings are made of stainless steel and pass through SiC

also ideal for the use of braid.

It splits in half, making it very comfortable to store and transport.

Extra sensitive but reinforced tip.


Length 1.80 m (6 FT)

Sections 2

Action 150 Gr

Overall dimensions 95 cm

Weight 160 Gr





The proposed reel is the VIGOR MUNSTANG which offers solutions to all fishermen for the Bolognese technique.

The mechanics, very fluid for a reel in this category, provides only one ball bearing but numerous precision bushings that support all the moving gears.

5.2: 1 recovery report

Capacity "wire 0.35 195 mt

Weight 255 gr

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