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Trabucco Bolognese rod Energhia 2 KS All Round 6 mt

Trabucco Bolognese rod Energhia 2 KS All Round 6 mt

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Trabucco Energhia 2KS All Round 6 Mt



Developed in parallel to the new Competition, this series was named All-round by virtue of his vocation in the most exciting experiences, in fresh water and at sea.

His body is more muscular than the Competition, and the difference feels barbel when trying to engage the turbo, why change your mind very soon, turning the nose to the shore where we are waiting for the photograph.

The ring sliding portacima service plays an important role, because it distributes the load in an area known to be critical of the barrel and stop the disorderly movements of the wire output, earning precious meters to float in the air.

Even the Allround mounts rings long shank with the indispensable Through SiC to treat the line with gloves, especially when the tension and friction would dangerously increase its temperature.





Total length 6 Meters

Overall height 154 cm

Weight 250 Grams

Sections 6

SIC guides




Over 40 years of experience on the race, of which 25 passed to design and develop the best Bolognese in the world.

This is the best guarantee that you can give to a product, unagaranzia that only a World Champion like Roberto Trabucco can

offer many admirers of this unique fishing technique, unequivocally Made in Italy!

A fishing technique certainly not static, that changes and evolves over time is, where only those who can anticipate new trends

if not launch new addiritura other, can actually provide the innovation and the technology needed to define a

product "cutting edge."

What about ... even if they continue to imitate us, we will continue to be a step ahead!

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