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Evo-fishing Hydra Extreme Barrel Bolo + Reel Trabucco Filo Evo

Evo-fishing Hydra Extreme Barrel Bolo + Reel Trabucco Filo Evo

HYDRA-KIT-4 - Evo-fishing Hydra Extreme Barrel Bolo + Reel Trabucco Filo Evo
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FANTASTIC BOLOGNESE FISHING KIT choose the length of the rod in the kit EVO FISHING HYDRA EXTREME BOLO Last Evo house bolus !! A superlative rod with the ability to carry out a medium-distance mixed fishing, but also to adapt quickly to the sudden pull of a fish not to be missed. This change of gear distinguishes the most noble rods, those designed and made taking into account the needs of the fisherman expert. Born with a blank in IM8 Carbon Nanotech higt sensitive material from the nanometric diffusion of the resins between the different levels of the fabric. These Fibers interact with each other to develop a decidedly rapid action. High-quality shank with medium-long shank, with SiC guide loops able to rapidly dissipate heat, protecting the line from premature aging. Sliding rings on the top mounted on a carbon tube. Aluminum bottom cap with rubber ring. Supplied with an elegant sheath in fabric and rigid safety guard Certain of the high quality of the components and the stem on these rods, Evo house offers the Lifetime Warranty on manufacturing defects Available in 4 sizes: Length 5 meters Overall dimensions 126 cm Pedestrian diameter 18 mm Weight 235 gr Sections 5 Action 10-30 gr Length 6 meters Overall dimensions 126 cm Pedestrian diameter 20 mm Weight 325 gr Action 10-30 gr Sections 6 Length 7 meters Space 126 cm Pedestrian diameter 23 mm Weight 445 gr Action 10-30 gr Sections 7 Length 8 meters Overall dimensions 126 cm Pedestrian diameter 29 mm Weight 545 gr Action 10-30 gr Sections 8 + Rapid Reel Onix 3000 FD 8 Bearings The Rapid Onix RD is a fresh all-round novelty adaptable to any any type of fishing, built with a pleasant body, 8 bearings to make it very fluid during recovery, 1 aluminum spool and 1 spare graphite spool, oversize marking, balanced rotor and oversized bow. Available in various sizes. Technical specifications: ? 7 + 1 ball bearings
? Infinite anti-return
? Lightened aluminum coil
? Graphite spare coil
? Computer-balanced rotor
? Oversized headband
? Metal crank tornato
? Ergonomic rubber knob
? High precision design
Class 3000 Capacity "0.18 285 mt wire Ratio of recovery 5.2: 1 Weight 260 gr 7 + 1 Ball bearings + Rod case Reel 150 & Rod cm of Trabucco is made of tear-proof and waterproof cordura, a new line of technical baggage, rich in details and bearing a very marked aesthetic imprint - A compartment for Bolognese rods, bottom fishing rods, telematch ....
- Pocket door pegs
- Reinforced zips with double slider Technical data Length: 150cm + Evo Ultrasoft Bolus Nylon Clear 200 mt Ultra soft Japanese monofilament, ideal for Bolognese fishing, with high resistance to abrasion, therefore protector ted by the compression of the lead shot, by the continuous passage in the rings of the rod and by the possible use of sliding floats. Moreover, the product is characterized by an exceptional softness and absence of mechanical memory, factors that translate into a great smoothness of the unloading during the launch. The use in the sea fishing from the pier is also excellent. The clearly visible color allows an easy identification during fishing and recovery of the prey, although it remains poorly visible in the immersed part thanks to a particular fluorine coating. Diameters: 0.18 breaking load 5.70 kg 200 m reels
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