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Mono thread Fluorocarbon 100\% Trabucco Xps Ultra strong sea fishing 50mt

Mono thread Fluorocarbon 100\% Trabucco Xps Ultra strong sea fishing 50mt

XPS-ULTRA- - Mono thread Fluorocarbon 100\\% Trabucco Xps Ultra strong sea fishing 50mt
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TRANGLAS XPS ULTRA STRONG FC 403 There is no fishing technique that does not benefit from the use of fluorocarbon for the construction of terminals: who can do without its invisibility, the extraordinary resistance to abrasion, impermeability, sensitivity and indifference to the aggression of light? All these physical-mechanical characteristics coexist in Ultra Strong FC 403, with the plus of softness. Excellent in the classic use for the binding of hooks or flies, as in the formation of leaders for spinning, intended to see closely the teeth of predators. But it is in exasperated traction that it looks down on all the others, because its tensile strength at the node is 40% higher than that of the best fluorocarbon in circulation. The 50-meter reel is particularly compact, and is presented in a sealed blister, which contains a soft rubber band to lock the wire and allow a segment to be extracted when needed. The thread is of a natural transparent color. Four hundred and three is the number of his identity card. The first two digits are impressive, because they mean that the new, amazing generation of Fluorocarbon Trabucco offers 40% more knot strength than all the others. The last one represents the 3 levels that make up the structure, leading to the same number of precise responsibilities. Even without having a physical laboratory, it is easy to verify that it is all terribly true, the fingers are enough to understand that the standards of resistance and softness of the nylon are very close. The range is articulated, with appropriate solutions to build high performance terminals in all fishing techniques. The extraordinary softness of these threads projects its benefits on the ease of use, on the naturalness of the presentation of the bait, on the limitation of the risk of tangles and on the tightness of the knots. Nothing obvious: only 100% Fluorocarbon guarantees invisibility to fish, thanks to the index of refraction of light, whose value is very close to that of water. Fluorocarbon 100% of the highest technological level, structured on three levels Nominal seal 40% higher than the best fluorocarbon Morbidity unprecedented and high sensitivity Invisibility, abrasion resistance, impermeability Ultra-compact spool with elastic thread stopper Natural color Real diameter calibrated . 0,104 sealing 1,56 kg 0,145 sealing 2,26 kg 0,164 sealing 2,77 kg 0,185 sealing 3,45 kg 0,201 sealing 4,14 kg 0,22 sealing 4,74 kg 0,24 sealing 5,71 kg 0,26 sealing 6.92 kg 0.28 sealing 7.70 kg 0.30 sealing 8.30 kg Spools of 50 meters
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