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Trabucco XPS Ultra Invisible Thread Fluorocarbon 50mt x Saltwater terminals

Trabucco XPS Ultra Invisible Thread Fluorocarbon 50mt x Saltwater terminals

XPS-ULTRa - Trabucco XPS Ultra Invisible Thread Fluorocarbon 50mt x Saltwater terminals
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ULTRA STRONG FC 403 SALTWATER Beyond the exaggerated traction, a very hard life awaits fluoro carbon in the marine environment: the harsh light, the aggressiveness of salt, abrasions and the risk of cleavage by the fish teeth are factors key to its survival. For this we have developed a solution to the height of the problems, speaking on surface protection level: compared to the version with red label, the Saltwater of- fre a top of the third layer, which ensures an adequate response to the circumstances. The resistance values u200bu200bto the node are identical. Great care has been taken in the packages, which meet the pre- cise usage requirements. With diameters from 0.104 to 0.282, and wrap the wire face on a very compact coil, in turn contained in a rigid housing prac- tica which has a rubber slot on the side, from which it can be removed without opening the casing. Alternatively, you can stop the wire using the supplied elastic band, which allows you to extract the wire without additional coils can get out of the coil throat, moreover, always having the leader in sight for later pickup. As of diameter 0.302 coils are much larger and are protected by a soft-shelled two cheeks, which allow the extraction of the wire without being opened. Bright, attractive graphics, for immediate identification on display walls of the stores. Spools of 50 Mt Diameter 0.145 mm Breaking Load 2.260 kg - 4.98 lbs

Diameter 0.164 mm Breaking Load 2,770 kg - 6.11 lbs

Diameter 0.185 mm Breaking Load 3.450 kg - 7.61 lbs

Diameter 0.201 mm Breaking Load 4.140 kg - 9.13 lbs

Diameter 0.221 mm Breaking Load 4.740 kg - 10.45 lbs

Diameter 0.242 mm Breaking Load 5.710 kg - 12.59 lbs

Diameter 0.261 mm Breaking Load 6.920 kg - 15.26 lbs

Diameter 0.282 mm Breaking Load 7.700 kg - 16.98 lbs

Diameter 0.302 mm Breaking load 8.300 kg - 18.30 lbs

Diameter 0.330 mm Breaking Load 10.110 kg - 22.29 lbs

Diameter 0.370 mm Breaking Load 11.790 kg - 25.99 lbs

Diameter 0.400 mm Breaking Load 13.040 kg - 28.75 lbs

Diameter 0.450 mm Breaking Load 14.700 kg - 32.41 lbs

Diameter 0.500 mm Breaking Load 17.930 kg - 39.53 lbs


30 Mt Coils

Diameter 0.600 mm Breaking Load 27.40 kg

Diameter 0.700 mm Breaking Load 33.06 kg

Diameter 0.800 mm Breaking load 42.73 kg

Diameter 0.900 mm Breaking Load 48.38 Kg
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