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KP4331 Beach Ledgering Kit Canna Link Feeder SW Evo Supreme 5500 Reel

KP4331 Beach Ledgering Kit Canna Link Feeder SW Evo Supreme 5500 Reel

KP4331 - KP4331 Beach Ledgering Kit Canna Link Feeder SW Evo Supreme 5500 Reel
€111.90 €45.00
Kit Beach Ledgering Canna Link Feeder SW Reel Evo Supreme 5500 KIT FISHING BEACH LEDGERING COMPOSED OF
LINK FEEDER SW 4.20 m 120 Gr + REEL EVO FISHING SUPREME CX 5500 CANE LINK FEEDER SW Equipped with a very powerful body, which can forfeit great strength to project even heavy weights at a distance, these splendid rods are able to solve a thousand situations in medium-heavy class fishing feeders. The large cage feeders fly where the barbs, carp or torpedoes await them, while in the sea bream and bream test the resistance of the carbon structure. The sections are connected by means of grafts structured according to X Power technology, able to dissipate along the raw the stresses, giving rise to impeccable curves. According to the trend that powerful rods want to resemble carp fishing rods, the Links sport a "bare" stock, where the barrel has no handle material, except for the lower EVA grip and for the short section to valley of the reel seat, covered with soft rubber. Papers in order also from the point of view of the components, with SiC SW rings with heat dispersion stone and anti-corrosion treated shank, and steel reel seat, equipped with two interchangeable fiberglass (Light, Heavy) carriers. Features: Length: 420 cm Action: 120 Gr Overall dimensions: 156 Cm Sections: 3 + 2 Rings: Sic SW + EVO REEL FISHING SUPREME 5500 6500 Japanese project for a reel with high performance and enhanced by different solutions that improve its use, making it more enjoyable. Evo Supreme has a graphite body that holds its weight, and an aluminum combat crank with a knob that fits well in the palm of the hand. The spool is in lightweight graphite treated with a special coating that improves the release of the thread during throws. The clutch is instant drag for immediate control over important preys. The range of bearings includes 4 ball bearings and one roller bearing. The worm screw, placed inside the body of the reel, determines the orderly arrangement of the lines of line on the reel. As a result, the unwinding is easier, to the benefit of the casting distance. The thread guide roller is set in a conical fitting that conveys the line in its throat, even in the absence of particular tension. Details High-tech graphite body and rotor Super-light graphite coil with anti-salt treatment Aluminum tubular arch Rotation control without oscillations Long-life bearings Instant Drag clutch Infinite anti-return device Stainless steel shaft Monofilament EVO ULTRACAST 0,28 gia Bobbinated Turned aluminum crank Capacity of the reel Model 5500 0.35 mm 195mt 0.40 mm 150 mt 0.50 mm 95 mt
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