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Kit Bolognese Fishing Canna Freccia 5-6-7 m Reel Evo Supreme CX 3000

Kit Bolognese Fishing Canna Freccia 5-6-7 m Reel Evo Supreme CX 3000

FRECCIA-SUP - Kit Bolognese Fishing Canna Freccia 5-6-7 m Reel Evo Supreme CX 3000
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Kit Bolognese Canna Freccia Canna Reel Evo Supreme CX 3000 KIT FISHING BOLOGNESE COMPOSED OF BARREL HI-CARBON ARROW BOLUS + REEL EVO FISHING SUPREME CX 3000 HI-CARBON BOLUS ARROW ROD It is a manageable and reliable bolognese, offered at an attractive price considering the high qualitative content in terms of materials used for construction and construction. The High Resistance carbon blank offers the possibility to carry out energetic launches up to 30 grams and to handle demanding fights with finals even of 0,20mm. Reel seat and medium-long shank rings with Y-shaped frame guarantee maximum reliability. Length 5 m Sections 5 Action Max 30 g Overall dimensions 125 cm Weight 270 Gr Length 6 m Sections 6 Action Max 30 g Dimensions 126 cm Weight 375 Gr Length 7 m Sections 7 Action Max 30 g Dimensions 127 cm Weight 487 Gr + REEL EVO FISHING SUPREME 3000 Japanese project for a reel with high performance and embellished with different solutions that improve its use, making it more pleasant. Evo Supreme 3000 has a graphite body that holds its weight, and an aluminum combat crank with a knob that fits well in the palm of the hand. The spool is in lightweight graphite treated with a special coating that improves the release of the thread during throws. The clutch is instant drag for immediate control over important preys. The range of bearings includes 4 ball bearings and one roller bearing. The worm screw, placed inside the body of the reel, determines the orderly arrangement of the lines of line on the reel. As a result, the unwinding is easier, to the benefit of the casting distance. The thread guide roller is set in a conical fitting that conveys the line in its throat, even in the absence of particular tension. Details High-tech graphite body and rotor Super-light graphite coil with anti-salt treatment Aluminum tubular arch Rotation control without oscillations Long-life bearings Instant Drag clutch Infinite anti-return device Stainless steel shaft Monofilament EVO 0,22 gia Bobbinated Turned aluminum crank Recovery ratio 5.2: 1 Reel capacity 0.25 215 mt 0.30 150 mt
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