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Monofilament Trabucco XPS Velvet Pro Cast T-Force 600 Mt

Monofilament Trabucco XPS Velvet Pro Cast T-Force 600 Mt

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Velvet XPS ProCast

Reel of 600 Mt


Wire specific for Surf Casting competition, made a warm yellow very intense which is especially visible during the day and at night when lit by the torch will allow you to instantly identify the actual direction of your line.

Soft, silicone and free of mechanical memory, exits the reel effortlessly, practically guaranteeing

automatically launches longer and protecting those who are not very experienced against creating tangles. The node is very mellow and easy tightening, even in larger diameters: on the stem

as the hook on the shock leader knots generates very clean and very minimal footprint.

The range of diameters available is able to meet all the needs of the modern surf casting


Breaking Load

Diameter 0.18 Kg 3340

Diameter 0:20 Kg 4130

Diameter 0:22 Kg 5,510

Diameter 0:25 Kg 6,670

Diameter 0:28 Kg 8460

Diameter 0.30 Kg 9140

Diameter 0:35 Kg 12.76

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