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Series Hooks with Eyelet Trabucco Hisashi F-31

Series Hooks with Eyelet Trabucco Hisashi F-31

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Hisashi is the name of a new series of hooks to the highest quality coming from the east and distributed by increasingly present Trabucco Fishing Diffusion.

The family is already pretty supplied and covers all the needs of sea fishing from the shore is by boat, and some fresh water that we will examine in particular. In future, the series will be completed with the introduction of a few other models. The qualities that you may require a water hook sauces are all just as each hook is individually controlled with high precision instruments, prior to release. All the series is produced with the best steel available in Japan which in turn are spiked with a high percentage of carbon, so as to provide excellent rigidity that prevents the hook to open even if subjected to strong stress.

The hardening given by the use of carbon also enables to maintain long-sharpening the tip, made through a chemical process and then be finished to the laser.

The finish Black Nickel and the eyelet are common to the whole series. Let's look at the specific qualities of the nine models of love that are present in substantial catalog Trabucco.


Here we present the new F-31 Line Surf

A series of love dedicated to surfcasting, Hi Carbon Steel sharp chemically made from wire thin highly penetrating the F-31 and 'un'amo ideal to be triggered by worms, arenicola or American.

Packed in bags of 10 pieces

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