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Silicone Spray Thetford Maintenance Sealings

Silicone Spray Thetford Maintenance Sealings

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Spray Silicone Lubricant is designed to keep flexible

the seals of the toilet, so as to prevent unpleasant liquid leaks

and at the same time extends the life of the seals and the toilets.

Not only that, the silicone spray lubricant can also prevent leakage of liquids

the seals of doors and windows and stop the squeak of the hinges.

The effects of spray silicone lubricant Thetford are lasting,

making it an ideal product for quick repairs,

to take with you on the go during the holidays.

The spray is all you need for easy care and maintenance

Spray Silicone Lubricant Thetford is not an ordinary lubricant.

This spray has been developed to ensure easy operation

and of long duration of the toilets

Thetford, by maintaining flexibility

the seals of the toilet that,

if they remain flexible, lead to function correctly

and extend the life of products.

However, this spray can be used in many other cases!

Spraying Spray silicone lubricant on the door seals,

It will maintain a flexible rubber, always ensuring a good seal

and avoid harmful leaks.

The product keeps locks and hinges free from rust.

It allows you to avoid frost damage.

Eliminates even the squeaking and squealing of the plastic components.

The blinds are opened all the time in a simple and slidable along

their leaders when they are sprayed regularly

Spray with silicone lubricant Thetford.

In addition, the spray silicone lubricant is absolutely safe for plastics,

a statement that not all lubricants are able to do!

It protects the seals of the toilet to avoid their screpolino

 It improves and extends the operation of the toilet

You can spray it on almost any object to avoid squeaks, creaks and leaks

Safe use elements of plastic and rubber

Creates a thin layer

Available in spray cans of 200 ml

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