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Monofilament Florocarbon Falcon FC Line Invisible Various Diameters 25-50 m Fish

Item Code: FC-LINE

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Product Details

Falcon FC Line Monofilament Florocarbon FLUOROCARBON FALCON FC LINE Fluorocarbon 100% Nylon of the latest generation, equipped with a special treatment that guarantees impermeability. Made with a copolymer of superior quality, has, as well as excellent resistance to abrasion, a very low elasticity. This characteristic makes it extremely sensitive, and therefore able to better perceive even the most imperceptible tips, and manage the bait in an optimal manner. The high malleability makes it extremely manageable in the realization of the knots. Everything is combined with the most important feature, required in real fluorocarbon, "TOTAL INVISIBILITY" of the wire in water. Diameters distributed in rolls of 50 m Diameter 0.10 mm Breaking load 1.9 Kg Diameter 0.13 mm Breaking load 2.3 Kg Diameter 0.15 mm Breaking load 2.9 Kg Diameter 0.18 mm Breaking load 4.5 Kg Diameter 0.20 mm Breaking load 5.3 Kg Diameter 0.26 mm Breaking load 6.1 Kg Diameter 0.30 mm Breaking load 9.0 Kg Diameter 0.34 mm Breaking load 11.5 Kg Diameter 0.40 mm Breaking load 13.9 Kg Diameters distributed in 25 m reel Diameter 0.50 mm Breakage Load 35 Kg Diameter 0.60 mm Breakage Load 50 Kg Diameter 0.70 mm Break Load 60 Kg Diameter 0.80 mm Break Load 90 Kg


Monofilament Florocarbon Falcon FC Line Invisible Various Diameters 25-50 m Fish

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