Selling fishing rods, single or in combos, reels, artificial monofilament or braided nylon the best brands at prices unavailable.

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Pescaplanet allows the following payment methods:

    Credit Card or Debit Card;
    Advanced Bank;

Payment terms

The elettonici payments by Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal, lates through elettornici systems are highly secure, with SSL encryption, provided by PayPal. Pescaplanet does not store any data, to ensure greater security of personal data. If payment Paypal was wrong, for whatever reason, successful Pescaplanet has developed a system that will PAY AFTER afford to pay up to 48 hours of your purchase, usage is simple you will find in your account a non cashed payment details click and within the details of the order click on the pAY NOW button you will be redirected to the payPal site where you can at this point to perfect the payment through paypal circuits

For payments by bank transfer in advance, you must pay the total amount to the bank account details communicated by Pescaplanet in the email of Order Confirmation. After the payment, you must wait until the transfer is accounted for by our administration and is issued tax document.

For payments on delivery, you need to pay in cash (checks are not accepted) the total amount at the time of delivery, directly to the Courier. If the amount of the mark is high, Pescaplanet may request the transfer of the confirmatory advance deposit to guarantee the purchase.