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Rapture FANCY NS Special Fishing Rod for Trout Stream Mr. Guide CX1

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Product Details

Rapture rods Fancy NS Special Trout Stream It is the most powerful and long of the Rapture trout for brooks in the torrent, with a launching capacity that moves from the ?zero point? values towards more consistent weight levels to tackle not only the torrents , but also the upper parts of the rivers and lakes. With an environmental objective of that caliber, the Fancy Native required some changes at the project level, and so we equipped them with a front cork handle, bell-shaped to offer the thumb of the hand a steady contrast at the time of execution of the launch, just like in the longest and most powerful fly rods. Furthermore, the split stock provides the relatively high seat of the reel, while the base grip is elongated and created in high density EVA, as well as being enriched by a laser engraved Rapture
logo. The series is quite extensive and articulated. High precision spigot coupling, with serigraphed identification code at the base of the summit. Elegant cameo incorporated in the metal frame that protects the base of the stock. SiC rings with rigid anti-tangle profile K frame, perfect both for the use of multi-fiber lines and monofilaments. FOUR AVAILABLE MODELS 6.3 - 1.90 m - 1-5 g 6.6 - 2.00 m - 2-8 g
7 - 2.13 m - 2-12 g 7.3 - 2.20 m - 3-15 g Rings SiC Carbon CX1 Super Slim Black TOP CLASS


Rapture FANCY NS Special Fishing Rod for Trout Stream Mr. Guide CX1

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