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Essential Spoon trout area

The Four Spoon indispensable to practice trout area

Damiki Pica Spoon

Let's start from what was in effect one of the first undulating area dedicated to trout arrived in Italy. This is the Pica Spoon, produced by Damiki.
It is a small undulating, produced in different sizes and colors, armed with barbless single hook, so perfect if you want to devote to the pure essence of the catch and release of trout own area.
Another special feature is the presence of a micro carabiner in substitution of the classic split ring to which tie the our terminal. One of the great qualities of Pica Spoon is definitely the wide range of colors which, without amounting to too extravagant combinations, can cover virtually every need.
E 'it is according to many fishermen by Spoon that pierces more than ever

Smith Pure

Produced by Smith, another waving that lovers of Trout Area are certainly not miss is the Pure!
He also available in a huge variety of colors, the Pure comes with more elongated forms and soft, with details such as manicured as eyelets.
In this spoon you see all the manic precision typical of a company like Smith!
A special note goes on hook weapon that these undulating. In fact, using a hook is provided with micro barb and with a stem straight and stretched, a shape distinctly different than most of the undulating from trout area currently in circulation.
This feature shows that Pure is not an artificial expressly created to Trout Area, but rather for what the Japanese call Native, trout fishing in the stream.
This does not mean that Pure is not suitable for fishing in the pond, but we will have to change the hook in case of competition or if you're fishing in the no kill ponds.

Molix Trout Spoon

In recent years the area Trout enthusiasts are really increasing and the guys at Molix have certainly not missed the opportunity to develop their undulating staff.
This is the Trout Spoon which was launched on the market at the end of last season of fishing for trout in the pond, immediately won the hearts of many fishermen.
Probably about her love with micro barb that facilitates the fisherman than normal single hook but still allowing a more facilitated release than normal love.
But, as for the Pure Smith, it does not make a specific waving from Trout Area.
What it probably does not care at all Italian fishermen but it is very important for technically oriented.
The color range is not very wide, but it comes with some very interesting combinations that can surely meet the tastes of the most demanding fishermen.

Herakles Spoon KITE Trout Area

Autumn has now entered its real climate, with falling temperatures around 10-15 degrees in the maximum and the rain that began to be insistent form of disruption and no longer as simple summer storm. It 's the season of transition for fisheries, which leads fishermen to move more and more in a closed area where you do not have the problems of irregularity of the levels of rivers and streams and especially where you have a better chance to make a few catches. 'Also the season in which the fisherman varies more in the types of techniques to deal with, going from coarse fishing and feeder fishing, fishing in the trout pond. A technique which is fun to do. In the winter just past has led to a real fashion from Japan: the Area Trout. A new concept of fishing with ultra light spinning rods with a capacity below ten grams, but extremely sensitive and parabolic. The lures can be varied, but the latest fad that is taking an increasingly high number of anglers, especially young people, is to use the spoon. The spoon is simply an undulating very small and weights that are unlikely to exceed three grams. Colmic has always been very attentive to new trends affecting amateur fishermen and did not want to miss in its catalog to the question whether a product suitable for use with some brand new barrels of Herakles line. We are talking about Colmic Spoon Kite, weighing only 1.2 grams and characterized by a particular shape kite that allows it to move just touches the water with a very special performance. Given its light weight, has been specially designed for use in shallow areas, maybe even fishing almost at sight or, if used in a short strong currents, holding it. The Kite becomes the perfect lure for this period when the trout are still very much on the surface. It has a speed of affondamente very slow and this allows him to stay longer in the "Strike Zone" or the surface layer of water where there are trout in the hunt. The Kite Colmic born mainly for the competition, which of course has its zenith in the Trout Area. For this reason, the equipment includes a single hook without barb and was manufactured in ten colors for groped to also undermine the trout more clever and demanding